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You and I, if we are feeling a bit down, for whatever reason, have the ability to perhaps put on a favourite piece of music, contact a friend, have a glass of wine, go for a walk etc.. We have the ability and freedom to re-balance ourselves. We all do this on a daily basis without consciously thinking about it, whereas many people in residential care (for a huge variety of reasons) are no longer able to do this adequately for themselves.

Over 25 years ago the founder of Music for Health, David Grounds, who had spent many years composing unique pieces of music to help individuals re-balance as speedily as possible, using particular vibrational levels in music, realised through family involvement, that people in residential care needed a programme of balanced music on a regular basis, that would assist them in attaining their optimum happiness and equilibrium.

A great variety of recorded music was used, different tempos, differing vibrations, all expertly adapted and mixed together (much like mixing the ingredients of a cake) so that whatever ‘label’ a Resident has been given the combination would leave him or her feeling better.

Music for Health’s leading edge research resulted in unique, specially made for purpose, interactive workshops. These workshops have over the past 15 years, proved themselves to be extremely effective, involving Residents on all levels, in Homes of all classifications, in an ongoing and cumulative way. Today over 30,000 Residents throughout the UK are helped every month.

What Happens

A fully trained member of the MFH team will come out to your Home at a mutually convenient pre-arranged time. They will bring along everything required for the session, including an effective sound system, in order that each unique pre-recorded MFH workshop comes over exactly as intended, so that it feels as though the singer, band, orchestra etc. are actually in the room, performing just for the Residents.

At a ‘Music for Health’ workshop we use various activities that help synchronise the hemispheres of the brain and lift the mood.

We also use beautiful pieces of music that are carefully chosen to be in the higher frequency ranges of up to 7,700 Hertz,(the pieces act as a sort of Sonic Vitamin ‘C’), increasing concentration and well-being.

About 50% of the music used is adapted especially for purpose.

Music and sound stimulating memories, is also a reliable vehicle used to deliver the ‘Music for Health’ method.

We bring to the workshop a large selection of instruments and props, which help us put all the research into practice. We all have a thoroughly enjoyable time. With each subsequent workshop the effect gets better and better and is cumulative.

Each and every Resident is encouraged to participate from the start, but for the more withdrawn individual ‘participating’ at first can mean a tapping of the toes or fingers. It is a fundamental part of the ‘Music for Health’ method that each individual’s progression is of their own volition, and is therefore well earned and not so easily lost.

Ideally workshops should be booked monthly or two weekly, as this keeps the impetus going. It is also a good idea to have workshops on the same day and at the same time whenever possible.

The workshops are changed from workshop to workshop, keeping the attraction fresh for the Residents, while still including all the fundamental principles that are ‘Music for Health’.

Workshop sizes are between 5-20+ people taking part. A workshop lasts approximately one hour.

It is impossible to describe exactly what happens at a Music for Health workshop, how even the most reluctant Residents take part – so to this end MFH offers Homes of all adult registrations a free without obligation full length workshop so that Homes can see for themselves a workshop happening with their own Residents taking part.

To find your nearest workshop leader (Regional Director) please go to the interactive map and then find out more details about them on the Gallery.