MFH Founders

David – Founder of MFH, Professional musician, composer, arranger and orchestrator

“Let me share what I do at Music for Health Head Office Studio. Each and every piece of music we use in an MFH workshop comes through the studio and often I make some adjustment to ensure that each piece is as suitable as is humanly possible for the Residents in care that Music for Health works with. It could be that a particular song has little known verses – these would be taken out, perhaps a beautiful classical piece may have meandering sections removed without spoiling the soul of the piece. It could be that up tempo music is too long and as a consequence, too tiring, or the introduction to a piece is so quiet that a good proportion of Residents just wouldn’t hear it. The whole point of what I do is to ensure that every effort has been made to make MFH workshops an amazing experience for ALL Residents whatever their difficulties.”

“Music has its own language and it talks to the soul”.

Tracey Jane – T.J, Manager and the face of Music for Health

“Hi, I’m T.J – I’m involved with all aspects of the day to day running of the company. I ensure that all the personalised letterheads and brochures – and all the many things in the stationery start up packs, including the 3 years of workshop sheets, are prepared and ready so that new people starting not only act professionally but have everything to back up that professionalism.”

TJ works hard but always with a smile, she makes many Music for Health occasions that bit more special. TJ also has a gift for picking out great new songs.

Mark – Trainee Studio Technician

Working with David and also with Helen, learning all the tricks of the trade says:-

“Working, adapting and helping select music for ‘Music for Health’ is very rewarding for me as I know it will go on to help many people throughout the UK.”

Helen – Managing Director

Helen’s career was in Classical Ballet and Choreography. She was principal of ‘The Espinosa Memorial School of Classical Ballet’. Helen has four grown up children including Tracey-Jane and Mark (part of the MFH team). When the children were young, Helen had an eclectic assortment of jobs, including running a Convalescent Home and Diving for Pearls (not at the same time!)

One of Helen’s principal roles is in new workshop production. (See ‘A Year in the Making’)

Helen’s other passion is maintaining the family dynamics of Music for Health. Ensuring that to the best of her ability, every team member feels valued and appreciated for the wonderful work they do.

Music for Health has been called the “UK’s Happiest Company” – none of us are perfect, but we all do our best. We are there for our wonderful team in every way possible and over the years the team have proved that they are there for us too.