Find out How MFH could improve your resident’s quality of life?

Senior Associate Member of the Royal College of Medicine

Music for Health’s amazing workshops are designed exclusively for people in residential care. We provide the most comprehensive and effective workshops available in Britain today.

Music for Health workshops are the result of over 10 years research into how sound and frequency can benefit health. For many years our workshops have been helping a huge number of residents throughout the country find renewed strength and happiness.

Music for Health workshops are designed to be holistic.

About our workshops

Music for Health workshops benefit all residents, regardless of the label that they have been given in life. They are fun, stimulating and extremely varied – Providing something for everyone. The music is changed from workshop to workshop keeping the attraction fresh.

Residents are encouraged to participate from the start – whilst allowing them to progress at their own speed.

Music for Health workshops provide everything that the Government directive asks for –
That Homes should provide interactive activities out of house

Just a few of the ways that residents benefit from our method.

  1. Having fun!
  2. The overall vibrational frequency of all the music used by us, for each and every workshop, is perfectly balanced. This effect has been achieved through years of research, and is the fundamental requirement that enables all residents to benefit from Music for Health workshops, regardless of their individual problems.
  3. Accessing memory strengths and drawing on them.
  4. Re-establishing practical bi-lateral symmetry.
  5. Vocalising – making choices. Unloading emotions
  6. Re-balancing the hemispheres of the brain
  7. Helping improve blood flow to vital organs
  8. Creating a greater sense of comradeship.
  9. Re-establishing a love of music.
  10. Reducing the level of stress hormones ACTH and HGH
  11. Oxygenation of the cells (Helping such things as the immune system, the digestion and stimulating the energy flow)
  12. ‘Out of House’ substantiation of each resident’s value as an individual.

To Summarise

With every workshop we do, the effects become cumulative. The mind/body connection, the muscle memory etc. are all stimulated into positive action.

A vital part that owner, managers and staff etc. can play is to note the cumulative effect that the workshops have on their residents. At first you should see an ‘awakening’ at the workshop itself, but as regular
workshops, (at least one a month – every other week for EMI homes – is recommended) are done, the effect should start to filter into the residents’ general lives. Obviously this makes for a much happier life for both the residents and staff.

Over the years, we have found that many residents relatives make a point of looking out for Music for Health workshop dates, to put them in their diaries. They are then able to join in the workshops along side their relative, which is beneficial for everyone involved. (The residents often amaze their relatives, usually in the nicest possible way!!).

Many of our homes book right through the year. We can give a flyer with all the dates listed, so that relatives and inspectors can see at a glance that you are providing the best help available for your residents.

We know that there is a tremendous amount of work involved in running a residential home, and we realise that time is of the essence. However, the feedback we get from many of the homes having our workshops is invaluable. Only people who see the residents everyday, are truly able to see the cumulative effect that Music for Health workshops have.