Thank You! from Carl Bryant

Carl is 32 years old and a recent addition to the MFH Team.

Everything is going really well. I have regular bookings of fortnightly. Another place every 3 weeks. And I also have booking made for this year and the entirety of next year. Every place I have worked at has loved the workshops thanks to yourselves doing a fantastic set up. I even get the staff involved and also the cook’s. Most places I work at have all said that they now love the day’s when I am there because we have so much fun in every workshop.

I am proud to say that thanks to your work and set up. We are having positive effects within the homes. Two examples are, one day I was in a home where I had done a workshop which all the residents enjoyed. And a lady came up to me afterwards saying that she hadn’t eaten for 4 days because she felt depressed. After the workshop she said she felt so much better and happier thanks to the power of music and a week later the care home had rung me to say that since the workshop she started eating again.

Another time a resident had her sister and her son there. Did not react much when handing her a shaker. Her son said don’t worry she doesn’t get involved with much. 30min into the workshop we would singing and dancing to ‘I will walk 500 miles’ and the lady was smiling and dancing in her chair. The son became overwhelmed seeing his mother reacting positively by dancing, smiling and laughing.

This is all thanks to you and your team with the amazing choice of music and the brilliant set up of the workshops. So thank you.