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Training & Development Manager

My name is Gill and some years ago I was reading this message regarding Music for Health and what it took to become a Regional Director.

Little did I think at the time that it would become the journey of my life!

I bought an area local to me although I had no direct experience of working with older people but I was excited by the prospect of having my own business and knew I would love going into care and nursing homes and cheering up the residents with beautiful music.

I did 58 free workshops and gained 53 customers – way beyond my wildest dreams. I absolutely loved the way that the workshops wove their magic and brought both residents and staff alive – tapping their feet, singing and even dancing.

When you walked through the door of a care home you left your troubles outside and stepped into a world of magical music and great fun. Don’t get me wrong there were days when you’d have ‘beam me up Scotty’ moments but at the end of the day you always knew you were making a difference to people’s lives.

As you explore this franchise and see if you think it would suit your lifestyle please be aware that it will change you. You’ll have more freedom working, however, you can decide how many hours a week you would like to work whilst earning a good income.

15 years on and I am still as excited as ever by the way in which the music affects not only the residents but me too. I hope you will take the first step and join our Music for Health family as they continue their uplifting journey.

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