NHS Song written by Louise James

” I have often found writing a poem or singing a song is a way of expressing emotion whether happy or sad. Well I’m sure all of our emotions haven’t failed to be stirred as day after day we see the unending devotion and dedication of our N.H.S. staff and carers as they battle on, with some very sadly paying the ultimate price.

I felt really moved and inspired to express what we owe to them and when Boris Johnson after his own personal experience extolled them as “the best!”, then that was my cue for rewriting the words of the popular Tina Turner song, so with pen and paper and a backing track this is the result. With our sound system set up I was able to share it with our neighbours for a Thursday night Clapathon.

We hope it resonates with you too as we are also thinking of the many carers we have come to know and appreciate and who are working very hard to keep our residents as safe and well as possible, while we look forward to sharing uplifting times with them again.”