Tony & Louise, Weston-super-Mare Directors – A Dedicated Rose

At one of our homes where we are regularly booked on a weekly basis the residents always express how much they enjoyed the workshop and are looking forward to the next one. One of the residents who we shall call Rose always eagerly participates so we were a little saddened that she was going to leave the home though of course happy for her that she was now looking forward to moving in with her family. “We wish you all the best Rose but we will miss you ” we said. “Oh no, you will still see me every Friday” she said excitedly . “I wouldn’t want to miss this for the world so my family are bringing me back here for when you visit on Friday afternoons!” Although the home had readily agreed we couldn’t help wondering if her family really would happily bring her back there every week. Well after her move and on our further visits we are delighted to see Rose there keen as ever to join in the workshop. This surely indicates that her family know just how much Music for Health workshops must mean to Rose. As for us we are just loving the opportunity that we can continue sharing them with her.